Mural Painting and Studio Art Classes

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Well, despite the on-again and off-again rain on Friday and Saturday, the booth I set up for Brighton’s Summerfest 2010 was a great success. Three beautiful and uniquely different murals were created over the two days by hundreds of children and the occasional adult who felt the need to release their “inner artist.” My plan is to use one of the 4’x4′ panels for a tabletop and the other will be on display in my “Back To School” window display in August. Thanks to the many wonderful volunteers who stopped by Art In Bloom, I had the luxury of being able to float between the boutique, selling and designing, and the mural painting activity outside on the street. Thank you again, to each and every one of you!

One of the many things I took away from the weekend event was the enormous need in this community for more creative outlets. I saw those children whose parents had them by the hand heading down the street, looking longingly at the bright colors of paint and the large brushes that were ready to be dipped into them. The children who did stop to paint, thoroughly enjoyed the creative process and intently added colors, designs, and a bit of themselves to the community mural. Watching their quiet energy I understood that I’d made the right decision to open this business and to share my love of art. The list of children, teens and adults interested in my Studio Art Classes is proof in itself that art is universally needed. After looking over this list and listening to the wants and ideas of many people this weekend, I will tweak the curriculum of the classes a bit and have the brochures ready within the week.

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  1. This is so wonderful. Bringing together the local community to make art together. I love that your space is attracting so many people interested in creating art. You couldn’t ask for more. What a great environment to be cultivating. Very inspiring!

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