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Woven with Love, Happiness and Joy…

Earlier this week, a customer came by the shop in a bit of a panic. She was heading out of town to a wedding for dear young friends and had the great idea of gifting them with two small fresh wreaths. However, due to a mix-up, she was unable to get the wreaths designed in time from another business. Of course, I took on the challenge! 🙂  The idea was to create long lasting symbols of “love, happiness and joy” that could first adorn the pews and later attach to the chairs of the bride and groom.

These were so much fun to do! I combined a variety of fresh and permanent flowers and greenery. At the back, I wove a ribbon on which I had written the gift giver’s message to the bride and groom. The wreaths were picked up late Thursday and the customer happily headed on her way to the big event in Pennsylvania.

Hearts 2 Love

This past weekend, I had the pleasure of conducting an art session with thirteen wonderful ladies at the Emrich Retreat Center in Brighton. Linda D’Antonio, the founder of Hearts 2 Love, runs a weekend program for women recovering from, or in the process of dealing with breast cancer. Linda is a grandparent of one of my former art students who knows about my passion for art therapy and my belief that art-making can have a tremendous impact on the soul.

I was impressed with the willingness of these brave women to embrace the simple art materials that I brought along to share, as well as the close bond that had quickly developed between them over the course of just a few days. Some of the artwork produced with watercolors and crayon resist reflected memories and moments in time, some was more spontaneous and non-objective as the artist released her emotions through the process of creating.

I am already looking forward to the next Hearts 2 Love retreat in the fall.

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New to the gallery

Local artist,  Lilith Dorr will have an exhibit entitled, “The Seven Sisters” on display through June 4th.

Join us for the Opening Reception on Saturday, May 21st from 5-7pm.

This sculptural body of work, rich in symbolic detail and gorgeous textiles, was created in homage to the artist’s female ancestors and also serves as a platform for celebrating the positive aspects of the Feminine.

You really have to see the artwork to get the full effect. Each of the pieces began with a door purchased from Habitat for Humanity. It is upon this solid foundation that Lilith secured the many intricate elements that provide the “sisters” with their own unique personalities. Family heirlooms and photographs are incorporated into each ancestor.

A welcoming entrance

A special thanks to local resident, Judy Herzog, for inviting me to her lovely home. Aside from designing some custom floral arrangements for her dining table and family room, I also had a great time using the bold colors of red, orange and yellow to design these two over sized swags for her front doors.

Check out our new “Prom Bar”

It’s like a salad bar for prom-goers! 🙂

This is a great way to customize your flowers to suit your style, colors and jewelry.

Bring a photo of the dress, the actual dress, the tie, or just bring your creativity.

I have a wide assortment of gorgeous new bracelet style corsage bands, glimmering add-ins, funky wire and ribbons. Make your selections and drop them into a box for safe-keeping until the big day when I will add the fresh flowers and finishing touches.

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