Hearts 2 Love

This past weekend, I had the pleasure of conducting an art session with thirteen wonderful ladies at the Emrich Retreat Center in Brighton. Linda D’Antonio, the founder of Hearts 2 Love, runs a weekend program for women recovering from, or in the process of dealing with breast cancer. Linda is a grandparent of one of my former art students who knows about my passion for art therapy and my belief that art-making can have a tremendous impact on the soul.

I was impressed with the willingness of these brave women to embrace the simple art materials that I brought along to share, as well as the close bond that had quickly developed between them over the course of just a few days. Some of the artwork produced with watercolors and crayon resist reflected memories and moments in time, some was more spontaneous and non-objective as the artist released her emotions through the process of creating.

I am already looking forward to the next Hearts 2 Love retreat in the fall.

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