Flowers from Mamow

Last week I had the honor of designing five permanent wreaths for a local family. Each wreath had it’s own unique twist and was given by a sister to her siblings and mom for the holidays. What makes this order so special is that the customer brought in a bit of “family nostalgia” in the form of a silk holiday floral arrangement belonging to her grandmother (Mamow.) I incorporated the stems of holly, poinsettia, evergreens, etc. into the new wreaths along with pods, grapevine, eucalyptus, birds and more. Now each family member can have a remembrance of Mamow on their front door for the holidays.

Since taking this order my mind has been going back to some of my own family’s traditions and how we keep my grandmother’s memory alive. I love this idea of taking something that has been stored away for years and turning it into something new and meaningful. Maybe I need to take a look through my parents’ storage closet…

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