“Floral Accents” for Winter Dances

Flowers worn at dances are meant to be an accent similar to wearing jewelry or a tie. Let us help you make a decision that will not only match your date’s outfit but also, suits his/her style.


2013 Winter Formal Special

10% Off

If you order at least one week in advance and pay in full upon ordering.

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Petite and elegant…a couple blooms of purple orchids and a touch of filler with ribbon and wire trim.
The drama of white and black against a red dress…orchids and wax flower.
Sweetheart roses with an accent of color.
This look is soft and feminine with ribbon to coordinate with the dress.
A single rose boutonniere trimmed with ribbon on the stem to match his date’s dress.
Double orchid boutonniere in purple.
Double white orchid boutonniere.