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Floral Accents for Prom

Let us help you select the perfect “floral accent” to match your date’s dress or tux. The options are limitless! 810-227-9500

Special Offer #1:

Place your order and pay in full at least seven days prior to your prom and we’ll give you a 10% discount.

Special Offer #2:

Like us on Facebook before May 10, 2013, let us know when you place your order and you will be entered into a drawing to win a FREE corsage and boutonniere!

photo (69)

Thanks to Alyssa for sending along this photo of her purple orchid corsage made at Art In Bloom last prom season!




Looking for something different? This designs includes mini calla lilies.

For more ideas and examples of our work, follow this link to the Prom Page of our blog.

Just in…Air Plants…Super easy to care for!

photo (53)

Available in a variety of sizes.

photo (52)

No need for soil!


Some air plants will develop long lasting blooms.

Air plants are also known as, Tillandsia and are in the bromeliad family. Amazingly, these need no soil because water and nutrients are absorbed through the leaves. The roots are used as anchors only. Reproduction is by seeds or by offsets called “pups”. A single plant could have up to a dozen pups. (Thanks to Wikipedia for this info!)

I’m enjoying arranging these unique plants in terrariums, glass spheres and even attached to driftwood. The possibilities are endless.

Combining Flowers and Art

Flower Man

The “Flower Man,” created by my employee, Mick Brege, currently resides in the front window of the store, waving to all who pass by. Mick helps out after his high school classes a few days per week and was really itching to put his art background and sculptural skills to use with the floral materials. The possibilities are endless, really. Imagine a “potted caricature” of someone you know! 🙂