Spring designs as gifts and for the home


So many fragrant options for Spring! The season changes always bring new product and fresh ideas into the studio. I especially love spring time because so many of the blooms and branches available are super fragrant and unique.

Spring cube design- makes a perfect centerpiece- from $59.
A basket of spring love- from $75.
A willow lined glass urn bursting with signs of spring.
A willow lined glass urn bursting with signs of spring- from $49.
Roses, Irises and Hydrangeas
Roses, irises and hydrangeas- from $85.
A small sampling of what spring has in store- from $55.
For a modern twist, this yellow, orange and lime vase design includes tulips, roses, forsythia and more- from $65.

I love incorporating green and blooming plants into a floral design. There is the immediate pop of color that the fresh cut blooms bring along with the lasting gift of plants that will continue for months afterward.

Deluxe European garden contains a hydrangea plant, a peace lily (or similar green plant), an African violet and ivy along with fresh branches and moss- from $95.
A spring garden with live bulb plants, ivy and fresh flowers- from $85.





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