Ahh…the freshness of summer blooms

Hydrangeas, garden roses, astilbe, stock and orchids. (From $75- $125 as pictured.)

When I think of summer in Michigan…my mind goes to deep rich green tones and pops of colorful blooms. This season I am doing my best to buy more locally grown product to work into my designs. Currently, local snapdragons, sunflowers and fillers are available and looking so fresh and perky.

Sunflowers, snapdragons, orchids and spray roses. (From $75- $125 as pictured.)
Tall willow and pebble filled cylinder with lush greenery, delphinium, queen anne’s lace and lilies. ($59 as pictured.)
Kale, lilies, snapdragons and more. ($55 as pictured.)
Signs of summer in a glass cube. (From $49-$65 as pictured.)

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