Art In Bloom

On this page you will find samples of our floral and fine art pairings. We offer these designs year round for delivery or pick up at our studio. Each arrangement is based on a famous master artist and comes with an enclosure card that highlights the artwork. Some of the floral elements and colors may vary slightly from week to week and season to season but the overall look will be the same.


“Monet’s Giverny” is a pastel toned design in a glass cube ~from $59

“The Van Gogh” is designed in a ceramic pitcher and of course, has sunflowers ~from $55

“Raphael’s Cherubs” -an earthy warm toned design in a ceramic container ~from $69

“The Frida” a tall vase of unique tropical blooms, including birds of paradise ~from $69

“Hokusai” is a small vase with a large statement in blue and white ~from $45


“The Mary Cassatt” is a dainty and tonal cube with a feminine touch ~from $65


“Thomas Cole’s Landscape” is designed low and natural in a box ~from $75


“The Mondrian” is a vase arrangement in bold, primary colors ~from $85


“Monet’s Garden” is a lush garden style design in a glass bowl or cube ~from $69


“Picasso’s Blue Period” is a monochromatic, subtle cube arrangement ~from $59

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