Art In Bloom Pairings

With a background in fine art and art education, I have brought my love of art history and all things art to my floral work! My current collection includes arrangements of fresh flowers based off the work of some of my favorite artists. Each design is delivered with a card that highlights the artwork that inspired it and makes for a really uniquely personal gift.

Below is a sampling of the Art In Bloom designs I have featured in the past. Each season the offerings will vary based on the product available to me. If you see one you would like, just call and ask about availability!

Monet’s Garden ~from $75
The Frida ~from $69
Degas’ Dancers ~from $79
The Thomas Cole Landscape ~from $75
The Wave (Hokusai) ~from $45
Monet’s Giverny ~from $65
The Mary Cassatt ~from $65
The Mondrian ~from $85
Dutch Still Life ~from $129
Picasso’s Blue Period ~from $59