Holiday 2019 Designs

We would love to customize a holiday arrangement for you! Whether you need us to create the perfect gift of flowers or you are looking for a centerpiece for your own table, we have so much to choose from. Take a look at our Art In Bloom pairings page for more holiday ideas!

Call 810-227-9500 or order online at:

Extravagance ~from $79
Teal & White Accent Vase ~from $69
Rustic Winter ~from $69
Scents of the Season ~from $59, $75 as pictured
Candle Centerpiece ~from $59
Blue & White Centerpiece ~from $69
Evergreen Wreath ~from $59. (Call to discuss accent colors.)
Lush Table Center ~from $85
Design is created in a terrazzo/concrete cube.
Zen Holiday ~from $55
For that extra special gift…the sky is the limit! Give us a budget and let our designers do their thing!
Holiday Trimmed Garden ~from $75, $139 as pictured. Live plants and fresh blooms combine with natural, woodsy accents.

All of us at Art In Bloom Studio appreciate your business and wish you and yours the happiest of holiday seasons!

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