Living Gifts/Plants

Croton, anthurium and bromeliad

We purchase plants weekly from local greenhouses and always have a great assortment of unique varieties.

Plants make lasting gifts for any occasion!


Terrariums ~from $85


Bromeliads in a variety of sizes and colors

Bromeliads are unique and easy care plants available in a variety of sizes and colors. From $45.

Dressed Peace Lily Plant

Peace lily plants come in a variety of sizes and can be “dressed” with fresh flowers and branches. From $45, $75 as pictured.

Small seasonal plants such as lemon cypress and norfolk pine begin at $39.


Air Plant Wreath ~from $85

Succulents are increasingly popular for their modern look and low maintenance. 


Basic succulent bowl ~from $59


Succulent bowl with extras.


Succulents and Blooms ~from $75

Looking for something with even more impact? Ask us to design a European garden for you. These plant combinations are created with seasonal green and blooming plants along with a fresh floral design and start at $75.



Locally crafted blown glass hummingbirds are available as an added keepsake within the design.


Give us a call at 810-227-9500 or order online at


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