Monthly Workshops

Workshops are on hold at the moment as we all navigate this new time. However, I have had numerous requests for virtual flower events and mini classes in both floral design and painting so I am putting on my thinking cap!

Living Wreath

Date tbd.

Create a unique and long lasting living wreath of air plants and mosses. Tips for helping your air plants thrive along with design techniques will be shared. This makes a great indoor wall hanging!


For more information please email us at

Monet’s Garden

Date tbd.

Learn a little about Claude Monet and get inspired by his lovely paintings of his garden while designing your own garden fresh arrangement. As assortment of spring blooms, branches and foliage will become part of your design. Tips for processing flowers and prolonging their freshness will be discussed.


For more information please email us at

Yes, we also offer private workshops…just send an email to to get more info!



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  1. Kelly Westran says:

    Sawyer Nafe, your former student from Hornung, is anxious to visit you and I think he would love to take a class in January. Please keep us posted on classes offered.

    Thank you!
    Kelly Westran

    1. Art In Bloom says:

      Great, I look forward to seeing Sawyer and inspiring his wonderful creativity!

  2. annette says:

    My daughter is 8 and is interested in classes but it seems that Monday is the only option for classes. Are there any other days available?

    1. Art In Bloom says:

      Annette…I also teach semi-private lessons on Tuesdays after school. Please give me a call. I would be glad to discuss other options with you. Thanks for your interest!

  3. Suzanne Brady says:

    My daughter and your former student from Hornung, Kate, would love taking art classes. However, our afterschool free time is very limited at this point (especially Mondays). Please keep us posted on future classes.

  4. Bev Abbott says:

    Thank you. Drawing and painting both good.
    June is not open for me.
    Perhaps July – Thur. – Art in Bloom looks interesting.

  5. Eileen Vacca says:

    Do you have any classes scheduled for the month of January?? We have an adventure club in our neighborhood that might enjoy doing this , possibly 12-16 people , maybe less maybe more. Please let me know
    eileenvacca@hotmail .com

    1. Art In Bloom says:

      Hi Eileen, Sorry for the late response- I rarely get messages on my blog and completely missed yours. No, I am no longer teaching and putting my focus on the floral business. Thanks for your interest. You might try the Brighton Art Guild.

  6. Barbara Williams says:

    Do you still offer art classes? As a retired BAS teacher/social worker, I am interested in taking some classes.

    1. Art In Bloom says:

      Hi Barb- so sorry for the late response on this! I don’t often see message on my blog and missed yours. No, I am focusing on the floral business and no longer teach. I would try the Brighton Art Guild. ~Tracey

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