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Waiting on Spring

In Michigan, patience is key as we wait for signs that winter is finally ending and spring has arrived. And yes, the calendar tells us that the First Day of Spring was March 20th! There have been a few spring-like days in the past month (I even heard the tree frogs chirping a few nights ago) but we are still waiting anxiously for the leaves to turn green, bulb plants to pop up and flowering branches to line the roadsides.

On the bright side, definite signs of spring are ready and available when you order a floral arrangement from the studio! Weekly deliveries of tulips, hyacinths, irises, hydrangeas along with fragrant fillers and flowering branches have been arriving since February. If you need a quick fix, just give us a call or check out our online store at www.artinbloomstudio.com .

Oh, Spring~from $59, $75 as pictured (colors and flower varieties may vary slightly)
Bulb Garden ~from $39, $59, as pictured
Branches & Blooms ~from $69, as pictured
Spring in a Vase ~from $50, as pictured
Van Gogh’s Irises (and hydrangeas, roses, snapdragons and forsythia!) ~from $65, $89, as pictured
Degas’ Dancers ~from $79, as pictured
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Spring Designs


Yes, I am aware that it is still only February…and my studio is in Michigan but there is only one direction to head with floral arrangements and that is spring! Spring blooms, spring colors (think yellow, pink, lavender, coral) and new fresh designs for you to give as gifts or place into your own home.

Spring Urn
Garden to Table ~from $59, $69 as pictured

Glamour ~from $95, $155 as pictured

Cheery Mix ~from $69

Weekly shipments are arriving of tulips, irises, hydrangeas, flowering branches, pussy willow and more.

Spring in a Vase ~from $55

Spring Centerpiece ~from $65, $79 as pictured (Colors and flower varieties will vary slightly.)

Designer’s Choice ~from $65, $115 as pictured

Give us a call 810-227-9500 and ask for a custom design that will make you “think spring!”


Brighton, MI florist, Easter Flowers, florist, Local florist, Mothers Day Flowers, sympathy flowers, Wedding Florist

Think Spring!

Spring in a Basket ~from $75

Longer days, more sunshine, spring rain showers, bulbs blooming, green replacing brown and grey…these are some of the reasons we love March!

Spring in a Vase ~from $55

The fresh product arriving daily is so fragrant and bright at this time of year. From flowering branches to tulips, irises and hydrangeas, our spring designs have our signature natural design style. Let us customize an arrangement just for you or select one of the options on our website: www.artinbloomstudio.com

Spring Urn
Garden to Table ~from $69

So Much Love in a Cube ~from $59 ($75, as pictured)

Blooms & Succulents ~from $65 ($75 as pictured)

Blooming Garden of Bulbs ~from $149. $185, as pictured (A 30″ tall garden tin is filled with a combination of plants and fresh cut flowers for the ultimate gift.)

Give us a call at 810-227-9500 so we can put together a special design for your occasion!

Brighton, MI florist, florist, Local florist, sympathy flowers, Wedding Florist

Ode to Spring


Oh, Spring…how we long for the full sensory experience you bring to us!

We’ve had some rough winter weather in Michigan this past month and thankfully the rejuvenating scents and sights of spring are just around the corner. In the studio, we are receiving some gorgeous spring-like product including tulips, irises, daffodils, flowering branches, and so much more.

Cheery Spring Mix~ from $59 ($75, as pictured)

Spring in a Vase~ from $55

Splendor (roses, anemones and fragrant fillers)~ from $59

Early Spring ~from $95 ($149, as pictured)

Pretty Little Cube ~from $59 ($65 as pictured)

Roses, Irises and Hydrangeas ~from $85

Give us a call at 810-227-9500 to order your “vase of spring.” Or head to our online site and take a look at all of our offerings: www.artinbloomstudio.com




Flowers For Mom


Mothers Day is May 10th.

Let us help you show Mom how much you love and think of her.

  Spring Cube

  Citrus Splash

Rose and Then Some
  Rose and Then Some 

Softly Toned Basket

Call us at 810-227-9500 to arrange a delivery or order from our online site at www.artinbloom.wordpress.com






Spring designs as gifts and for the home


So many fragrant options for Spring! The season changes always bring new product and fresh ideas into the studio. I especially love spring time because so many of the blooms and branches available are super fragrant and unique.

Spring cube design- makes a perfect centerpiece- from $59.

A basket of spring love- from $75.

A willow lined glass urn bursting with signs of spring.
A willow lined glass urn bursting with signs of spring- from $49.

Roses, Irises and Hydrangeas
Roses, irises and hydrangeas- from $85.

A small sampling of what spring has in store- from $55.

For a modern twist, this yellow, orange and lime vase design includes tulips, roses, forsythia and more- from $65.

I love incorporating green and blooming plants into a floral design. There is the immediate pop of color that the fresh cut blooms bring along with the lasting gift of plants that will continue for months afterward.

Deluxe European garden contains a hydrangea plant, a peace lily (or similar green plant), an African violet and ivy along with fresh branches and moss- from $95.

A spring garden with live bulb plants, ivy and fresh flowers- from $85.






Fresh floral creations for any occasion

Roses, Irises and Hydrangeas
Roses, irises and hydrangeas

Adding beauty to a sad occasion.

Gorgeous spring product is arriving and these are a few of the designs we have created for a variety of occasions.

Centerpieces for a bridal shower.

Tall vases for the bridal shower.

Fabulous peonies.

Caged blooms and orchid plant.


The First Day of Spring

It may not be spring-like outside in Michigan yet but inside Art In Bloom we are fully stocked with spring bulbs, blooms and gardens. Let us create a vase or basket full of spring for you!

A willow lined glass urn bursting with signs of spring.
A willow lined glass urn bursting with signs of spring.

Forsythia, anemone, tulips, roses and more.

Tulips, freesia and bear grass in a low container.


Join us for a workshop this weekend- Think Spring!

When: Saturday, March 15 ~ 1-2:30pm

Where: The Art In Bloom Studio ~409 W. Main St. Brighton, MI 48116

What: Create you own mini garden! Choose from a variety of green and blooming plants along with unique elements such as moss spheres, pussy willow branches, pebbles, nests and fairy houses. Turn your garden into a spring retreat for the senses and the imagination. Tracey will also provide some practical techniques for proper drainage and the importance of combining compatible plant varieties into a container garden.

Tuition: $35 includes all materials

Shamrocks, African violets and ivy plants to begin your garden.

Along with plants, add a variety of mosses, stones and other natural materials.